Privacy Policy


We prefer to collect as little information as possible from you. Yet that is sometimes necessary. For example, to deliver your order, to here what you think of a (new) product or to make you happy with a discount code. HUB Footwear handles your data carefully and ensures that your privacy is guaranteed. These are therefore our three privacy promises:

  1. We never share your personal information with other parties without good reason.

  2. We protect your personal data as if it were our own.

  3. We only use your personal information for the purposes described below.

Name, address and location

Your name is stored because we would rather not speak to you with your customer number. We need your address and location for sending your order, preparing invoices or contacting you when something goes wrong with your order.

E-mail address

We keep your e-mail address so that we can send you important messages about your order. We also keep you up-to-date via newsletters about new collections and offers. Of course, only if you have chosen to receive a newsletter.

Phone number

We keep your phone number so that we can contact you. For example, for an order or when we want to call you back with a support question.

Payment details

We store payment details - such as your credit card details, account number and your company name / account holder - after a successful order. We also use other parties for the processing of your payments, such as a credit card company or billing company. With an order, we create a unique quotation and / or invoice number.

Legality, goodness and transparency

Our service is there to help you with the GDPR/AVG and thereby protect your personal data better by dealing with personal data properly, properly and transparently. You can assume that we do this with your data.

Your use of our website

The above data in combination with cookies make it possible for us to see how you use our website and where your interests lie. This way we can better adapt our website and advertisements to your taste.

Your privacy rights

Under the GDPR/AVG you have the following rights:

  • The right to data portability (the right to transfer personal data).The right to forgetfulness (the right to be 'forgotten' or 'removed').

  • Right of access (the right to view your personal data).

  • Right to rectification and supplement (the right to change your personal data).

  • The right to limit processing (the right to have less data processed when possible).

  • The right regarding automated decision-making and profiling (the right to a human look at decisions).

  • The right to object to data processing.

You can file a complaint with us about the processing of your personal data by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Under the Privacy Act you also have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this.

Your privacy and third parties

We will only share your information with others in the following cases:

  • For carrying out our services as described above.

  • We use payment services such as iDEAL or PayPal to make different payment methods possible. We also work with an online billing system.

  • To carry out a legal obligation.

  • A police claim can oblige us to share your information with the police.

  • Our strict agreements and integrity ensure that your data is properly protected and protected, even after they have been shared with another party.

If you have any further questions regarding your privacy, please contact us.