The HUB Heritage Club is a celebration of the brand’s rich tennis heritage and connection to the sport.

In the 80s, the founder of HUB Footwear was a prominent player in the Dutch tennis world and even competing in Grand Slam tournaments around the world. Think of the legendary courts of Wimbledon and the US Open, back in 1985. These were his high times and marked his greatest performance in the sport.

The achievement of playing these Grand Slam tournaments is the embodiment of the HUB Footwear slogan “Feeling good, Doing great”. It’s a positive slogan that suggests that by focusing on doing your best, you will not only achieve your goals, but also feel fulfilled. In essence, the slogan encourages people to follow your dreams, knowing that a positive feeling and outcome will follow.
Then and now

As mentioned, the HUB Heritage Club is a tribute to the brand’s roots in tennis. The founder’s passion for the sport is evident in his competitive spirit and dedication. HUB is now taking this legacy and incorporating it into their sneakers and merch. With the HUB Heritage Club, the brand is not just celebrating its own roots in tennis, but also paying homage to the time period of the 80s and its pop culture.



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