Walk New Ways

Do you know that feeling? That you can feel it in your veins. That's the feeling we had when we created the Baseline. A new iconic style for the HUB Footwear collection. In a year where nothing is the same and everything is turned upside down. We are proud to introduce the Baseline in the most striking colourway to date. And yes, of course the Baseline is for everyone as you can see. We don't think in labels or limitations. We are ready for the new roads. Walk New Ways.



HUB Footwear & Ivo Janss

This release comes with a free tote bag! We did a collab with Dutch illustrator Ivo Janss. Ivo has completed the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and since then he's been busy creating weird stuff. And we like it! For HUB Footwear, he has designed a super nice tote bag that's included with your Baseline Off White/Grave/Blue order. Because we love it.

This eco-friendly tote bag is made from natural raw materials and is printed with soy-based ink.

Ivo Janss Front and Back


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