The power of Pride

A hub is a place where people come together to inspire, tell stories, educate, and embrace each other for who they are. It’s easy to take this for granted, but it’s important to remember that not everything is always obvious.

We prioritize collaborating with individuals to broaden people’s perspectives and to say; HUB walks with you. It’s time for us to tell their story and our story to make it a story for everyone. That is our HUB. And we take pride in that.




To strengthen “My HUB, My PRIDE” we have set up a fundraiser. The funds we raise from this campaign will be donated to the COC Netherlands.

Our contribution to the fundraiser is a start-up donation of 1,000 euros. We will add another donation generated from sales of the Grid during the Pride campaign. Per sneaker sold, 30 euro will be collected for donation.

Of course, you can also contribute to this fundraiser by making a donation. Even the smallest contribution can make a big difference. You can donate by clicking on the button below, which will lead you straight to the fundraiser.



“COC is grateful for all the support we are getting during PRIDE-season! We use all the proceedings to support our community all year round. Thank you!”

-COC Nederland

A Personal note

It is often easy to write content on behalf of a brand. You can say a lot without attaching a personal note to it. But how can I address this topic without getting personal? After all, we’re talking about Pride. We’re talking about people. We’re talking about the highs and lows in life. And about the ability to tell and share stories. Taking a stand is a quality we should embrace. Personally and on behalf of HUB. So hi! My name is Jos. I’m the Creative Director of HUB Footwear. Allow me to introduce you to our world, which is reflected in our brand name.



There is a lot of power in embracing who you are. For some, the personal journey may be smoother, while for others, it may be a tougher climb. At HUB we will share our perspectives through storytelling. And that’s precisely why we’ve created a campaign around Pride. You should take pride in your unique self for every aspect that makes you one-of-a-kind. This celebration resonates deeply with our core values. I mean, the name HUB isn’t selected randomly.

A hub is a place where people come together, create and inspire. Our brand name reflects its commitment to connecting with different lifestyles and cultures and see the importance of unity and friendship. HUB embraces the spirit of Pride and the values it represents. We aim to encourage connections through our products and the stories we tell. This is exemplified by the campaign slogan “My HUB, My PRIDE”.

We do not categorize ourselves as either male or female. HUB embodies the essence of a group of friends. A collective of individuals united by their free-spirited nature and appreciation for everyone’s unique talents. This inclusive approach resonates strongly with Pride and their slogan #YOUAREINCLUDED, as it fosters a sense of acceptance and empowers individuals to express their true selves.


By embracing the fluidity of identity and supporting the LGBTQ+ community, HUB demonstrates its commitment to accepting who you are and what you do. With “My HUB, My PRIDE”, we invite individuals from all walks of life to come together, celebrate and create a world where everyone’s story may be heard and valued. HUB represents more than just a sneaker brand; it is a driving force for positivity.


To boost the visibility of Pride, we created a poster campaign. Diverse backgrounds, identities, and talents contributed to it. This celebration of diversity is reflected in the photoshoot we did for the poster campaign. We asked several people from the community to bring their friends and tell their stories. These posters will be visible throughout Amsterdam and Hamburg during Pride. Through collaborations, fundraising, and initiatives, HUB aspires to create places where diverse voices are amplified and celebrated.

My HUB, My Pride

The strength of this campaign is in the people we work with in front of and behind the scenes. It’s an ideal momentum to engage with them while creating our My HUB My PRIDE journal. Diversity is in everything around us. Also in how each person sees Pride and why friendship is important.


From then till now

Throughout the years, numerous protests have taken place, and they have all served a purpose. There have been significant achievements and milestones for the LGBTQ+ community. Some of these we have highlighted, because we believe that learning from the past can give much mea-ning to the future.

The Grid

For years, HUB has been designing with the mindset to create unisex sneakers. This is reflected in using the same colour scheme for every size, ensuring that the sneaker appeals to all indivi-duals.


Making a unisex sneaker is challenging when considering the foot’s construction. We’re talking about length, but also about the width of a foot. To make a unisex sneaker, we must change our perspective and influence our suppliers to do the same. So this involves the entire supplier chain down to the core of the factories in Asia. At HUB, we envision developing a truly unisex sneaker and offering it as such in our webshop.


A defining feature is its remarkable sole crafted from EVA, a material known for superior cush-ioning and shock absorption. But the Grid has something more distinctive: the mesh decorating its upper. This lightweight and breathable mesh allows the sneaker to ensure optimal airflow. The mesh on the Grid is made entirely from 100% recycled nylon, a material derived from re-purposed water bottles.