HUB Sustainability


At HUB Footwear, we care about the way our sneakers are made. We therefore know that responsible business starts with knowing our product. From the inside out. HUB Footwear was founded with a vision to create products that respect the planet and people that live on it.

The world is our playground where we design, develop and wear our sneakers. If we want to take good care of the world, we have to use the best sustainable materials in the design and development process. So you don't have to think twice before buying a pair of our sneakers.

How do we do that? Well, we know our suppliers. We have been working with them since the start of HUB Footwear in 2004. We work with various suppliers who offer materials for making our sneakers. The factories in which these materials are produced are continuously monitored for sustainability and fair labor. But also, what kind of influence the production has on the environment. We deliver your sneakers in 100% sustainable packaging and ensure efficient transport with local partners. This way we reduce our CO2 emissions and our sneakers are ready to wear for you.

We want to be honest with you and become the best version of ourselves possible. While creating the sophisticated sneakers we love. Read all about it:






Our sneakers define who we are. We are working on the most sustainable versions of our sneakers, while the design remains HUB. A lifestyle sneaker with an athletic touch. Knowing our product inside out allows us to choose the most sustainable materials. Materials such as leather, canvas and rubber. We only use leather that is certified to meet animal welfare, safety and environmental requirements. That is why we are affiliated with the Leather Working Group.

Leather Working Group


The LWG is a non-profit organization responsible for the world's first certification of leather production. The goal of the LWG is to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by evaluating and certifying leather manufacturers. Additionally, LWG wants to engage members of the leather supply chain and give them the knowledge to make informed and sustainable choices in their businesses.

This is why we choose to only work with LWG certified suppliers. We use materials that are LWG certified with a Silver or Gold standard. Below is a list of certified materials and corresponding products:

LWG Gold Standard
Tumbled Leather
Oiled Nubuck Leather
Pony Hair Leather
Nappa Leather

LWG Silver Standard
Soft Leather
Dotted Leather

2. Recycled materials

Using recycled materials in our sneakers and outsoles helps us reduce our carbon footprint. We do this by saving raw materials, water for energy processing and CO2 emissions. At the same time, we are constantly looking for new, innovative or improved materials to use in our sneakers. In this way we continue to reduce our impact, while the design remains HUB.


Recycled canvas

The recycled canvas we use is made from production waste canvas. So it has never been worn by consumers. Instead of throwing away the surplus material, it is sent to the factory. First, yarn is made from the old canvas. This is then woven into new canvas. We recolor this off-white canvas material with soy-based dye to get the colors we want.


Recycled nylon

The nylon we use on our products is 100% recycled. The recycled material is plastic. Almost a whole water bottle is recycled for every pair of nylon sneakers. Because it is different for every sneaker, you can find the recycled values in the specifications on the product page.

Outsole Rubber

Recycled rubber

Our recycled rubber is made from the waste we make ourselves. This happens during the production of our outsole. Instead of throwing away the waste material, we process it back into the new outsole. We try to make the circle as efficient as possible. To maintain quality, the recycled content is currently 10%. We are testing if we can grow and add more recycled rubber to our outsole. Without losing our quality standard.

3. Maintenance Products

Sustainability has many angles. By taking care of your sneakers you will enjoy them longer. Shoe care is an important aspect of that. We use high qualitiy materials that sometimes need some extra love and care. And that is sustainability as well!

Go to the HUB Shoe Care Guide to read about how to take care of your sneakers.

DFNS Products

4. Sustainable packaging


We are happy to implement sustainability. Especially in the elements where it is relatively easy. Take our packaging, for example. This consists of a shoebox, wrappingpaper and a hangtag with extra information about your sneaker. All these packaging elements are made from 100% recycled cardboard and paper. Easy does it.

1. Shoebox

There is a difference between recyclable packaging and recycled material for packaging. We use recycled material for our cardboard. By using recycled material, our boxes can display a variety of cardboard colors. It is then printed with soy-based ink. This is a type of ink made from soybeans. Of course. Unlike traditional inks, soy-based inks are believed to be more environmentally friendly. It makes paper easier to recycle and the soy ink spreads about 15% further on the cardboard. This means it reduces ink consumption.

2. Shippingbag

Our shipping bags are also made from a recycled material. 80% of it is made from recycled plastic. And what's more, the bag can be reused when you want to return a order. It has a second adhesive strip, which is very convenient!

3. Hangtag

Instead of the metal hangtag cords we now use a cotton cord. Also we reduced the number of hangtags on our product. Less is more!