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This is your chance to ride the city on an exclusive HUB Footwear x Union Load bike! We’ve got one for him and one for her. All you have to do is buy a shitload of shoes ... or you just buy one pair ;-) You automatically have a chance to win one of the Union Load bikes.*



The Union Load can handle everything. A shitload of shoes? No problemo. A pair of new sneakers? Make it two! But transporter bikes are as heavy as a sumo wrestler, right? Far from it. The Load’s frame is made of lightweight aluminum. As long as you don’t try to carry an elephant, you’re as flexible as a ballerina in new sneakers.

The parts

Shoeboxes, groceries and loved ones: a transport bicycle needs to endure a lot. That’s why quality parts are a must. Luckily the Load has got what it takes!

No lock problems

You want to pull out your bike from the bike rack, you end up with thirteen different bikes, but not with yours. Familiar problem? The cable lock is beautifully housed in the frame of the bike, so you’ll never get stuck on your neighbor’s handlebar.

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Lightweight from front to back

Your Load won’t be going up mountains. But if your transporting a shitload of shoes, the last thing you’ll need is a heavy bike. The Load has an aluminum frame, which makes it (next to it’s competitors) light as a feather.

Solid as a rock

We still advise you to not jump off the curb. But if we’re honest: with its double-walled rims the Load might live to see another day!

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