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Shoe Cleaning Tips – Taking Care of Your HUB shoes

HUB Footwear is crafted from premium materials for an uncompromised comfort and durability. We make casual and formal footwear for both – men and women that last for years due to their timeless designs. And with some basic shoe care, you can enjoy long-term, maximum performance of your favorite HUB shoes.

Here are some useful tips and cleaning advice that you can apply to enjoy your shoes for many years to come.



Leather is one of the most comfortable shoe materials and used for all types of shoes from formal to work wear. Cleaning it properly can preserve the life of leather. Just follow the below maintenance tips to ensure that your leather shoes by HUB Footwear last for many years.

How to clean Leather Shoes?

  • Remove dirt and debris from your shoes by wiping shoes with a dry cloth or a shoe brush
  • If you are wearing unfinished leather shoes, apply saddle soap or leather cleaner. For finished leather, use a mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Wipe off the soap with a soft and slightly wet cloth
  • Apply conditioner to the shoes for protecting them from harsh weather and other elements
  • Allow them to air dry
  • Apply polish.



Nubuck and Suede shoes require extra attention so make sure that they are cleaned and weatherproof regularly.

To clean your Nubuck/Suede footwear;

  • Regularly brush them with a soft brush
  • If suede shoes get wet, stuff them with a newspaper and allow to air-dry so they don’t lose their shape
  • Cleaning sprays are also available that help remove dirt marks and stain from suede and nubuck shoes



Shoes made out of mesh material are a popular choice of athletes. These shoes are very comfortable and are helpful in protecting the sportsperson’s feet from injuries. However, those who play sports and/or run in their mesh shoes will definitely agree that these shoes become very dirty.

Luckily, mesh shoes are not that delicate and can withstand thorough cleaning. Here are some tips to clean mesh shoes to increase their longevity.

How to clean Mesh Shoes?

Mesh shoes by HUB Footwear should be cleaned with a soft and wet cloth after each outing. They should also be washed thoroughly at least once a month to remove grime and shoe odor.

  • Use a soft bristled brush to remove excess dirt
  • With help of a sponge or soft washcloth, apply a mixture of warm water and detergent on the affected areas
  • Use another wet sponge to clean off the detergent from the shoes
  • Air dry the shoes at room temperature
  • Soles should also be cleaned using the above steps


Cleaning tips for soles

The sole of the shoes are made from different materials and depend greatly on the style and purpose of the shoe. Soles of shoes made by HUB Footwear are durable and long-lasting. However, since they come in direct contact with flooring, they catch more dirt, grime, and some mysterious gunk.

The soles can greatly affect the overall life of your shoe which is why it is important to take extra care of them.

  • Wipe the soles using a soft, damp cloth
  • Use a sole cleaner or mix water with an abrasive cleaning powder and scrub the soles with help of a small toothbrush
  • Rinse them thoroughly

For leather soles, apply a mixture of vinegar and water (equal parts) using a soft, washcloth. Remove the solution with a fresh cloth.


Don’t Forget the Shoelaces

Shoelaces also need to be cleaned periodically. Simply remove them from shoes and dip them in soapy water. Brush them with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly. Allow them to air dry.


These were just some of the tips to keep your footwear by HUB clean and last you for years. For more assistance, ask our Customer Serivce department at or on of our representatives at the shop you choose to purchase HUB footwear from.

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