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Spring/summer 2017 collection


Spring is here and summer is just around the corner so it is time to shrug off that winter blues and rise and shine again like the sun. Set a goal for the summer and just experience the outdoors to soak up all that Vitamin D. 


Inspired by Sports, Styled for Urban life 

This year, HUB will turn the aesthetics of exclusive classic tennis courts into a modern and sporty streetwear style. Tennis, as we know it today, wasn’t always like this. The original racket sport, from which modern tennis evolved, was called real tennis. It dates back to the 16th century and was played by European royalty. This is also how it became known as the “Sport of Kings”. The real tennis courts served as the main source of inspiration for this summer’s collection. In these classic tennis courts, straight lines would alternate with classic typography and symbolism, whilst the playing field in itself was a unique space, occupying both walls and floor. Lines and colors of the real tennis courts have literally been extended over the outsoles and uppers of the collection, just as they do on the real courts. 


Real tennis court

2017 Special Picks

We feel that spring and summer is all about being outdoor. You will find a wide array of designs to fit every mood. Here are some of our top picks.


ZONE for Him

This design is one of the most anticipated and talked about designs for this year’s big reveal. Fir this season the Zone has been crafted especially for men and is a low-top running sneaker. The rich upper is built up of multiple panels, in a mixture of natural fabrics and tech materials which fuse together into the silhouette of a modern running shoe with the distinctive colours of the real tennis courts.. It is a sleek and comfortable casual running shoe. They are available in a wide array of colors so find your favorite. 

Zone for Him


CITY for Her

Ladies sure love to get our bodies all toned, sun-kissed, bronzed, and tan in the summers. HUB has introduced a new design for us ladies specifically. The City design is a low-top sneaker that has been intricately designed from mesh. Feminine, comfortable, yet strong, and statement.

City for Her


HOOK for Him and Her

Also new in the collection, is the Hook. Based on the silhouette of a 70s tennis shoe, this low-top sneaker comes in leather, suede, canvas and nubuck. On the inside, the lines and colours of the real tennis courts have literally been extended over the sole and the upper, just as they do on the real courts.

Hook for Him and Her



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