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At HUB Footwear we like a party every now and then, so on Thursday May 19 we hosted a launch-party at Front Runner.

In collaboration with visual artist alphainkt we have created limited Rotterdam and Amsterdam HUB’s. Read more for a detailed recap.


To this very day, sports in general, and particularly the game of tennis, keep providing HUB with continuous inspiration.
The SS16 collection pays tribute to two Dutch tennis playing heroes, Kea Bouman and Henk Timmer. In the late 1920’s both players had reached the peak of their tennis careers. During this period, known as the ‘Roaring Twenties’, tennis gained a dramatic increase in popularity. In those days, tennis wear also became more fashionable, leading a turn of events that has changed the way we dress today.
By gaining fame as fashion icons, they now embodied far more than just champions or even Olympians.

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