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HUB Footwear

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This spring/summer season

HUB introduces a special

tribute to tennis of earlier times

by deriving a 2016 interpretation

of the 1920’s tennis shoe

into a vulcanized tennis sneaker

for men and women.


Since its foundation in 2004, HUB has remained focused on its main objective, to only design high quality footwear that is truly timeless. The brand represents an athletic, metropolitan lifestyle, combined with a clean, minimalist appearance. An attitude and style that is expressed clearly throughout each collection. HUB’s founder Huub van Boeckel, a former professional tennis player, never lost his strong mentality or his love for sneakers – which inspired him to start developing his own sneaker. Each season, these characteristics are closely observed and will serve as inspiration to reinvent some of the classic designs, resulting in a must-have for the next season.

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Our vision

HUB Footwear and sports have always been inextricably connected. Its founders, both former professional tennis players, share a rich past in sports - much like the larger part of HUB’s employees. HUB’s passion for sports is noticeable in each season’s new collection.





Spring/Summer 2016 collection

To this very day, sports in general, and particularly the game of tennis, keep providing HUB with continuous inspiration. The SS16 collection pays tribute to two Dutch tennis playing heroes, Kea Bouman and Henk Timmer. In the late 1920’s both players had reached the peak of their tennis careers. During this period, known as the ‘Roaring Twenties’, tennis gained a dramatic increase in popularity. In those days, tennis wear also became more fashionable, leading a turn of events that has changed the way we dress today. By gaining fame as fashion icons, they now embodied far more than just champions or even Olympians.

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